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Suitmedia - Business Model

Suitmedia is a company engaged in the field of integrated digital technology and marketing consultant . Suitmedia business activities include digital strategy ( digital strategy ), the design and development of websites ( web design & development ), development ofapplication cellular ( mobile application development ), marketing social media ( social media marketing ), as well as advertising digital (digital advertising ).

Suitmedia is headquartered in Jakarta and has branches in Bandung , and has more than 50 creative workers including designers, web developers and mobile developers. Suitmedia also actively conducts research and development , and has produced several new Internet companies in the field of electronic commerce ( e-commerce ), namely and

How does the model work?

They have 4 pillars


  • business consulting

  • marketing strategy

  • online advertising

  • performance marketing


  • creative concept


  • content marketing

  • video & multimedia


  • web development

  • mobile app development

  • e-commerce & crm

  • new product / startup


  • social media campaign

  • content & engagement

  • influencer marketing

  • online media monitoring

What makes it so special?

As a Creative Digital Lab, they have their own way to create amazing things for the customers. With four unique formulae: Insight-Driven, User Experience, 360-Degree View, and ROI-Oriented, they help in boosting the customer’s power to succeed.

Action oriented insights

Web design and app development is a promising sector for a new generation of college graduates in Indonesia. But because the local market is upping its competitive game, businesses like Suitmedia are now facing challenges.

The barrier to entry in this industry is quite low, so fresh graduates or new small companies can offer a few similar services with a very low price. In this case, their advantage is that they have an experienced team that has handled many projects from SMEs to big corporations.”

Two biggest challenges in Jakarta are an increasingly crowded market and what is referred to as “talent wars.” With the rise of digital startups ,it is quite challenging to find great talent. The demand of digital talent increasingly exceeds the supply. Also Suitmedia is not the only business in Jakarta feeling the digital talent bottleneck.

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