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Interview With Mr Akool Kumar Operations Manager – Quidich

Interviewer: What Quidich's all about ?

Mr Kumar : Quidich is a drone service providing company, lending their product out to feature films, documentaries, photography and live sports creators and distributers across the nation. Per standard procedure, Quidich normally provides two executives, one in charge of flying the drone, and another of configuring the camera and making sure that the camera captures imagery at optimal levels. Quidich was established in a small garage in 2013 in Delhi. The initially humble roots have since become history and the company has now spread throughout India and even has an office in Mumbai's locality of Andheri.

Interviewer: What advice for young enterpreneurs, if any ?

Mr Kumar : Identifying and capitalizing on growing trends, I suggests , is a practice that can often guarantee a greater level of interest in a company's activities upon establishment in it's industry. Citing his own company as an example, I mention how the minds behind Quidich percieved drones differently than most, as being providers of solutions, the unanswered questions as he deems, such as an aerial camera angle or view that one didn't have before, while more than just photography, as a tool that can aid survey and security purpose too, thereby not only marketing their drones, but also educating the public upon their various lesser known uses and thus attracting larger amounts of attention.

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