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Interview With Mr. Sanjay Tiwari Manager – Adonia

Interviewer: What Adonia's all about ?

Mr. Tiwari: The company is based in Powai, and founded four years back by Mr. Manpreet Singh Pruthi and Ms. Jaspreet Kaur Pruthi, primarily into marine and offshore maritime consultancy.

Interviewer: What are the company's current course of action ?

Mr. Tiwari: Advertising and marketing is high on the list of priorities for Adonia in the present scenario, for the company seeks to make itself better known across the Indian medical spectrum and beyond. Attending such events helps forge necessary contacts and enables what he deems appropriate to fit within the definition of "grapevine communication". I believe that sitting in the office and creating even the simplest of ad campaigns through the internet can rob a company of authenticity and confine them to the "virtual world", and that such events are essential in counteracting that effect and displaying real world market conditions. Expansion is also a priority according to me, remarking that the company seeks to establish a office space in Dubai and is vying to enter the educational space where they will train students in marine technology, activities such as shipbuilding and the like.

Interviewer: What advice for young entrepreneurs, if any ?

Mr. Tiwari: When jumping into the business world, one should be willing and ready to work hard, think of gains as long term and patiently bide their time, summing up his advice in "what you sow, you reap". In the context to my company, I also advises constant expansion as the way to go for any budding businessperson, arguing against stagnation and complacency, remarking "a rolling stone never gathers dust".

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