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Interview With Mr. Ameen Business Development Executive – Revolithe

Interviewer: What Revolithe's all about ?

Mr. Ameen : The company is a manufacturer of all sorts of medical castor wheels, even industrial ones. Most people today, even some doctors, aren't aware of the need for well-made, quality castor wheels, I argue as it's their constant effort to educate people upon the same and change the current perception by participating in public events and expanding their own operations. The wheels produced by Revolithe having a holding capacity of 40 to 1,50,000 pounds and they boast of 2,00,000 unique castor moulds, further emphasising the diversity found in castor wheels and how each caters differently. Recounting a personal tale, how a doctor once inquired of him the importance of castor wheels, in spite of being a medical professional himself, and that the company's products like no-noise, zero maintenance wheels can often convince even skeptics of castor wheel value. The company's operations in India were established 2 years back.

Interviewer: What advice for young entrepreneurs, if any ?

Mr. Ameen : Keeping an eye on the hospital backend and most importantly equipments, it is irreplaceable and making sure that even the smallest of details maintained, such as damaged stretchers, too can ruin patient experience and those stepping into the industry today should be mindful of the value of keeping customers happy no matter the cost, although maintaining organisational efficient still ranks quite high, too.

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