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Interview With Mr. Mridul Robert Lenora Gloves

Interviewer: What Lenora's all about ?

Mr. Robert: Lenora is a latex company into rubber products manufacturing, with a main focus in recent times being their surgical rubber gloves, with other products in line. The company was established by Mr. Anthony Kurien, belonging to a heritage rubber plantation family, in Kochi in 2003. The firm is based in Coimbatore.

Interviewer: What are the company's current course of action ?

Mr. Robert: The company is planning to release new products in the near future and advertising extensively before that arrives is critical to ensuring success for the company in the foreseeable future. Attending events such as these, more specific toward the industry Lenora's based in, saves their time for it attracts only their target customers and markets their products to only those who'll be potential clients in the first place.

Interviewer: What advice for young entrepreneurs, if any ?

Mr. Robert: The medical industry's sheer scale and scope makes it a great field for anyone to enter due its continually important influence over society, and it's obvious that the need for quality healthcare won't vanish from the planet anytime soon. Speaking on a more personal note, it states that a strength of character and being kind toward colleagues and competitors alike should too rank high on a budding entrepreneur's to-do list, thereby keeping their equations with those around them respectable and thus preventing the creation of another issue on their already packed schedule.

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