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Interview With Mr. Manish Dabi Director - Jash Precision

Invterviewer: What Jash's all about ?

Mr. Dabi : Jash are into casting marine products, forging essentials such as bedplates and welding tables, their range of creations catering mostly to the shipbuilding industry, with the above mentioned ones serving the purposes of testing and fabrication among others. The company has been in existence for over six decades, formed in 1948 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Besides shipbuilding, Jash also serves the automotive industry, while having a customer base not only across India, but also in the gulf countries. Everywhere machinery is required, Jash's tools are present right there..

Invterviewer: What are the company's current course of action ?

Mr. Dabi : Jash continues to extend influence over its forte, shipbuilding , their presence at this event attesting to the same and further building upon their foundation in this industry.

Invterviewer: Advice for young entrepreneurs, if any -

Mr. Dabi : Basically,willpower is unarguably the most essential aspect to a entrepreneur's success and must be a irreplaceable part of their mental makeup, for it enables one to reach for greater goals once initial ones are achieved.

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