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Interview With Mr. Faizan Mirza – Ideas-Exchange (IDEX)/Summit Arena

Interviewer: What IDEX's all about ?

Mr. Mirza : IDEX is a exhibition planning and organising firm that hosts their own events within 3 diverse verticals - Healthcare, Legal, and Beauty & Wellness. This very event, the Hospital Planning and Infrastructure Expo is hosting its 4th edition in 2017 with the basic purpose of bringing together healthcare professionals and enable educated discussions on upon what the standards of hospital building and architecture must ideally be like. The company also organises the highly successful Student's Architecture Competition, currently experiencing its 2nd edition, with 5 shortlisted participants from across India. It states that 2017 saw Summit establishing the Hospital Awards, recognising those vying to get their hospitals based on a sustainable and environmentally friendly model. The company was established about a decade ago by its current managing director, Mr. Vikas Vij, an experienced chartered accountant from the United Kingdom who switched industries and then established Summit.

Interviewer:Advice for young entrepreneurs, if any -

Mr. Mirza: I states that all entrepreneurs, whether seasoned or rookies, must be ready to take risks and learn from their mistakes. Indeed, they will face challenges but that will only subside with time and shouldn't ever hold them back.

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