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Interview With Mr. Aman Deep, Manager – AWALS Creations

Interviewer : What Awals is all about ?

Mr. Deep: AWALS creations create products targeted toward unleashing the creativity of children, with their diverse range being built for the same. Their business was established back in 2006 by Mr. Darwinder Singh of Delhi. Even traditional toys such as the hopping horse comes with a creative touch from the AWALS’ brand, with it being a product that the child can modify based on their preferences, be it a rocking platform or a bouncing one, and most of their flagship products encourage and promote the same creativity.

Interviewer : what are the company’s future plans?

Mr. Deep: AWALS pride themselves on the number of new innovations they put out for the market each and every year, with an ode to this being the fact that they'll launch more than 50 to 60 products next year, each engaging toddlers in creative activities through their forming years, for that something the AWALS’ brand considers an essential educational procedure. Their primary purpose for being at this event is extending their brand image and establishing the AWALS name to previously unknown partners.

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