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Things to say when interviewer ask about salary?

Reaching higher goals in one's life would be his/her dream come true moment and for that it’s not a big deal to bet yourself to make the interviewers sell them on you, and convince them of your worth to their organization before you reach the point of salary negotiations. Actually the chances it being a 'yes' or a 'no' or a 'yes' superseded by a 'no' or vice versa, depends on the maturity of the interviewee/candidate. One must answer wisely and sensibly and must take on the risk of being rejected but not let their talent down rated.

There will arise three kinds of problematic scenarios where within the scope of the interviewer the interviewee may go wrong.

case 1: when the salary question bounces too quick into your conversation make it swiftly your way by making the recruiters realize that you are enough capable to handle things even when they are out of control. You could do so eventually when you know the exact pay scale of the position you’re being recruited i.e, the market value of your talent.

This early questioning is a means of calculating the worth of you by the interviewers, they compare the actual talent to be paid off and your estimations. This early questioning may take on you on a leap or may get you all out of the game. In this stage they might be still confused between you and others so, go slow. They might get you wrong if you get on to the figures too quick without it being significant and also justified. So better be polite and gamble the best possible justified number based on your research (market values).

Case 2: well, here it’s the inverse of case 1. The recruiters shed away the candidates who they think have gone wrong in making their standards as clear as required. They would prefer candidates who are deserving both ways namely technically sound and who are ideal for the pay scale. Now in this case if you step down, then you would be making nothing. So it’s better to make a good gesture of letting your exact needs and expectation front of them.

now how to identify what the recruiters up to its quite simple go slow and smartly with a constant eye contact , be confident do not let the desperation of being placed come over your inner worthy knowledge. So do not let the bargain begin, if you are confident about your figures. Be bold and it will fetch you, as we all know luck favors the brave. The organization for sure will not like to fetch a brilliant with no guts to handle the pressure or stand on by their words.

Case 3: this is one of the most common mistake done by the candidates - exaggeration!

Making a fancy number is way tougher in real sense than in imaginations. And to do that one should really possess capability of making such efforts .so be honest with the interviewers .Do not over rate your performance but show your honesty , and your morale will be highlighted . And in same sense one should never settle for a low salary because that would make him pay a great loss which no one could imagine which lack of a satisfaction is in your professional life as well as its growth. And even you've made it with a low figure that would rarely lead you to a happy work atmosphere (scenarios) ahead.

Finally, if at all you get a push back in raising your salary bar you can hit the bars like performance related bonuses etc.

So be positive and don't let your brains sink in the waters of salary negotiation but be smart enough to pinpoint the thoughts efficiently with showing quality of your office etiquette.

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