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Interview With Ms. Aanchal Mittal, Founder - BABY STAPLES

Interviewer : What BabyStaples’ all about ?

Ms. Mittal : My company manufactures homemade organic, baby food products targeted at both pregnant mothers and babies. They focus on the baby's first 1000 days in the world, I argue that it is an essential and critical period that most casually ignore in terms of nutritional value. Although traditional baby foods serve the purpose too, their products, made from known super foods the likes of quinoa seeds, millets and other agricultural yields which posses great amounts of nutrition naturally, can greatly enhance the amount of essential nutrients received by a child in their first months in the world and are complete foods unto themselves. Such practices have long been present in the Indian culture, but a confused process of globalization has left Indian mothers scrambling for what's actually best for their child's health and our endeavour is to begin an educational process about the same through our food products, all of which are completely natural and entirely free of preservatives, formulated based on extensive guidelines provided to them by renowned and trusted paediatricians and infant nutritionists across India and the world over, with no salt or sugar either.

Interviewer : What is upcoming plans of the company in future?

Ms. Mittal : The business was established in 2016, and it too is still in an infant stage and merely a year old, so finding offline partners would be of great help in delivering their products to a greater amount of consumers. BabyStaples currently have a pan-India presence already through their supply chains and extensive presence on e-commerce websites through focus upon the online sector, so further exploiting that option, while padding it with further offline supply would be a great bonus. This exhibition can help them achieve those goals and find the right partners. For the industry as a whole, a lot companies are today debuting their range of natural and organic products, produced mostly from traditionally utilized Indian grains. It's in this growing market that BabyStaples seek to establish their presence and, perhaps, even carve their own niche in.

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