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Interview With Mr. Ganga Singh Chouhan Founder - CHITRANI HANDICRAFTS

Interviewer : What Chitrani’s all about ?

Mr. Chouhan: Chitrani make hand-made wooden toys for children that hark back to the traditional handicrafts and forms of entertainment of the past from Northern India, and the primary inspiration for their product design too stems from this tradition itself. Their motive is to not only bring back and revive our tradition, but to also provide long-lasting toys that not only provide a child with fun but also etch themselves into their memory and become an object they cherish forever. It's their belief that such traditions of lore must be protected and provided with a rejuvenation process, and there's no better way to achieve such a task satisfactorily than to introduce them to the younger generation and shed light on their importance there. The company was established only an year back, in 2016 in the Rajasthani city of Jodhpur, although they’re veterans in the wooden furniture industry and have been manufacturing the same under the Chitrani brand for more than 13 long years.

Interviewer: What are the company’s future plan ?

Mr. Chouhan: I remarks that they’re here to gain visibility and notoriety among the executives of this industry, while seek out the correct partners for their business. Though they’re not pan-india as of now, they have for long been the trusted suppliers and exporters to an Italian brand and most of their production is to meet their demand. It's only now that Chitrani is seeking to establish further supply chains in parts of India that were previously uncharted to them. Chitrani’s plan for the future is to primarily go online and establish marketing there in a strong fashion as to aid their pursuit of going across India. Thus, the

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