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Interview With Mr. Dinesh Bedi Manager - DHOOM TOYS

Interviewer: What Dhoom is all about ?

Mr. Bedi : As the name suggests, their core specialisation and focus has always been upon plush and soft toys and they import these products from abroad and market them for the local populace. The business was established in 2001 by me andmy partner, Mr. Praveen Bhatia, in New Delhi and their operations have since found a major foothold in Northern states the likes of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and others.

Interviewer: What is the company’s future ?

Mr. Bedi : While they are a completely pan-India brand with a presence across the nation, Dhoom’s trade network is particularly strong in the Northern parts of the country, and they seek to do the same here down South and there is no better method to do that than find partners in Mumbai. I and my colleagues have heard boastful rumours of how large a corporate buyer scene is here in Maharashtra, and this exhibition will certainly help them understand modern trade opportunities better and seek new horizons by carving out newer customer bases. For me the future is always bright if you remain positive, and it's with that optimism that already courses through their business that they will take it forward, while obvious goals such as expansion and newer products remain important as ever in their company's pursuit. Dhoom will also seek to debut newer toys and explore international markets that have been previously uncharted to them in order to discover more potentially importable goods.

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