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Interview With Mr. Aditya Chopra President - CHOPRA CHESS

Interviewer : What Chopra Chess’ all about ?

Mr. Chopra : According to my family brand are the oldest manufactures of modern wooden chess sets in India and have been conducting business successfully for the past 25 years, spearheaded initially by his father, Mr. JP Chopra, who established it in the city of the Golden Temple. You'd be surprised to know taking into account the demand for the wooden chess set across the globe, that the authentic version of it is only manufactured in the city of Amritsar.

Interviewer : What are the company future plans ?

Mr. Chopra: I and my colleagues have made great efforts over the past 3 years to extend their business operations across the North and they've been wholly successful, while their presence at the event was to ensure that they expand the same way in the South through reliable and trusted partners. Their pursuit is also to bring back our wooden based traditions in a way, while chess itself is losing its popularity in the nation, so they hope to change that through their product and generate traffic for keeping alive this age-old tradition by expanding.

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