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7 ways to amplify your brand on linkedln

Here are 7 ways to expand your brand :

1. Demonstrate value. Identify who your target audience is and give thought to the kinds of things they need to see to be engaged and perceive value. This means frequently posting good content that will appeal to your followers. The 80/20 rule is a useful guideline: for every five updates, post strictly value-driven content for four of them and post something business-related for the fifth.

2. Use your existing content streams. Not sure what content to post? Why not use content you have that has already proven popular on other social networks. For example, what content received the most retweets? What was shared on Facebook? As long as it is consistent with your brand message, sharing that popular content on LinkedIn can get you access to a whole new audience.

3. Don’t neglect your personal profile. Remember that, in terms of branding, your personal and business profile really are intertwined. Make sure your personal profile has a professional photo of you so that people are able to put a face to your name and so you are seen to be putting your best foot forward. Ensure that your profile is complete and that the overall message is in alignment with your company profile.

4. Create an information hub. Your company page gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand. Make sure that you include any logos and a banner image as well as a captivating description of who you are and what you do.

5. Showcase your products and services. The products tab is one of the cool features available for company pages, yet a surprising number of companies don’t use it at all. Why should a prospect choose you? Here is your opportunity to demonstrate the greatness of your products or services and it’s free!

6. Encourage colleagues/employees to connect. Your brand potentially has much wider exposure when colleagues and employees add their current position at your company to their profiles. Encouraging them to have complete and professional-looking profiles is also helpful for your brand image.

7. Participate in key groups. Identify key groups in which you want to establish yourself and your brand as an influencer. Participate in the conversations, always ensuring that you add value.

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