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Breaking The Stereotype Of ‘Business = Man’

Every year, we see the number of successful women in different fields rising. And so, year after year, on this special day we feel the disparities and stereotypes are waning.

Women comprise quite a large number of the population across the world, but the attention, education, opportunities and care they receive is not what they deserve. Thanks to stereotypes and restrictions, women are automatically associated with taking care of their families and doing a list of household chores. Right from being in the womb to becoming a woman, she faces so many things that make her vulnerable, but there are those who choose to break free.

Too many restrictions led women to be resilient enough to break all the odds and match shoulder-to- shoulder with men in the business world. Women have always been in business. Women have been innovative in their own ways balancing their responsibilities as a mother, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, etc. and pursuing their hobbies or taking up initiatives that excite them .

History has witnessed a list of women who went beyond the norms of patriarchal society and have left their mark in the world. Such women who fight odds, ageism, stereotypes, orthodoxies, and restrictions are my kind of women and that is why we see a large number of "momentrepreuers" today. But is this the future? Are women only going to be limited to being lipstick entrepreneurs? Don't they have equal rights as men to unleash their potential and pursue with equal passion and opportunity to what they believe?

Today, when the society and businesses are still called male dominated, there are growing number of ladies who sail through the odds and set up their own businesses. Entrepreneurship is not a cakewalk. You have to be stubborn, strong-hearted, and enduring to keep your head high even when they nag at you.

I firmly believe that women of tomorrow will surely break this stereotype and not be limited to pursue only the fields of fashion, art, dance, music, etc. Girls of today are being raised by their parents equally as a boy. From a very young age, they see themselves as being equal to boys. I am sure when they grow up and enter the corporate world they will want the same opportunity, pay, treatment, etc.

Just an advice to all the 'women' entrepreneurs out there - make sure that whichever role you are in - in corporate life or personal life - play it well. Dare not just to dream high, but dare to achieve them too. Take whatever comes your way, after all, an entrepreneur is a risk taker.

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