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Big Questions That Could Change Your Business

Sep 19, 2017

Big companies beat out the little guys by doing a few things better. Their strategies can be used by any company , regardless of budget.

Be different from competition in a way customers value.

Business is simply customers trading money for a solution. Customers today choose between many options. Give customers a reason to choose you.

Businesses get big and stay big by continually learning what customers value, and deliver in a way that stands out from competition.

Some questions are :-

Who is your target?

  1. Who are your most profitable customers?

  2. Who purchases from you most frequently?

  3. Who do you enjoy serving?

  4. Who recommends you to others?

  5. Who has the most future potential?

  6. Who do you provide the most value for?

  7. Who are your competitors not going after?

What does your target need or want? What do your customers want to fulfill with your product or service? Which can you deliver better or differently ?

What is your unique benefit?

The best companies choose and focus on one thing that sets them apart.

Why should they believe you?

What’s your “because?” Giving a reason why can dramatically change customer perceptions.

Now you’re ready for marketing.

Once you know how you’re providing value different from competition, you’re ready to market.

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