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Superstar Growth Strategy

Sep 10, 2017

Here’s a strategy that has catapulted even the smallest of companies into super growth mode. In this special report , you will learn :-

  1. No matter how small your company is, you can hire a sales force that can catapult company growth like you've never imagined. (One company that took this advice grew 500% in two years.)

  2. No matter how large your company is, you're probably using the wrong criteria for hiring salespeople.

  3. How to attract star talent to your organization.

  4. How to learn their weaknesses before you hire them. (Most companies have to hire a salesperson to find out all the problems he or she is going to have; we'll show you how to get rid of the lightweights in just five minutes)

I've helped one-person armies who were struggling to rethink their models for hiring sales staff, and suddenly they were sold out. But I've also helped multibillion-dollar companies understand the unique psychological profile of top producers and why they should hire based on psychological profile rather than background.

The type of person I'm talking about is someone you can put in a bad situation with poor tools, no training, and bad resources, and still, within a few months, he or she begins to outsell your best salespeople or build your company in ways you never dreamed possible.

Two things drive the superstar, and they are both critical and work together perfectly when you can find them: empathy and self-esteem (a strong sense of self).

Empathy: Top producers need to bond with others to find something likable about every person. This is a wonderful trait to find in a salesperson. A salesperson with this quality just keeps going at the client from every which way, trying to find more and more ways to serve and please that client. Empathy is a key trait, and part of your interview process must be specifically designed to identify empathy in candidates.

Self-esteem: Make no mistake; great sales results come from people with super-strong self-esteem. Only a person with an extra dose of self-esteem barrels into a client eight times after the client has said "no." People with weak self-esteem go away after a single rejection. People with weak self-esteem fear rejection and therefore never actually close sales.

Studies show that 52% of salespeople give up after only one rejection. Only 4% will try more than four times. Yet today it takes 8.4 rejections to get a meeting. And what makes the difference between someone who will face that rejection one time and quit or 40 times and never quit is purely personal (self-esteem).

Yes, you can train some people to go back again and again, and I've got training programs that do that. But you can also hire someone who, without ever being asked or trained, is built that way. These people will have way more heart when it comes to getting the sale made.

Another aspect of strong self-esteem is personal ambition. Don't you love it when you hire someone who innovates, expanding upon and improving every single task you assign to him or her? This self-esteem and need to please can make these people seem overly eager to please in a job interview . They may even come on too strong. Don't let a little bravado put you off; it is the quintessential ingredient in every superstar.

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