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5 ways an employee survey can help you

Oct 1, 2017

An effective survey will help you to understand and develop your organisation’s culture to deliver strategic and long term performance. Here’s 5 ways to look into :

1.Clarity of vision : A recent report found that 42% of employees knews there organisation’s vision ,mission and cultural values. If employees are working without any real understanding of these elements , it is likely people will be pulling in a different direction and not working together towards a collective vision.

2.Innovation : Innovation is essential if you want to stay ahead of the curve in your industry . They could provide creative solutions for new ways of working which will improve customer satisfaction and increase income.

3.Learning and Development : Offering development opportunities is an important element of employee engagement. It motivates existing employee and helps employers to create an effective progression pipeline.

4.Employee well being : Happy healthy staff are more engaged and productive and employers benefit from reduced absenteeism.

5.Communication : Providing transparent information and giving employees a voice are two keys enablers of employee engagement.

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