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Do More With Less

Aug 24, 2017

Luck doesn’t come for everyone some people gets things easily but some people has to work hard and achieve things .This is the similar story of Gustavo Grabocopatel who is an Argentinean farmer, born of generations of subsistence farmers .Being a small income farmer he wanted to expand the family‘s operations, but Argentina has arable land scarce and farm labor scarce.

Even this problems does not change the mind of Argentinean farmer .Lacking the financial resources to expand, he leased land instead of buying it .he doesn’t get discouraged about his financial status .he got new and affordable ideas which led him to success. He sub contracted for labor and rented farm equipment .By 2010, his company Los grobo, had become Latin America’s second largest grain producer .The positive attitude can help you to accomplish a great deal with very little money. Money is just a small part in investment, but the main part is positivity towards life, confidence in you .Without investing these main parts you can’t do anything.

Born with less is not your fault, but dying with less is your fault. You should learn how to deal with your life even it doesn’t provide anything when you are born make your brain work get innovative ideas then no one could stop you to climb the steps towards success.

Do with whatever you have it will give you satisfaction which makes you happy and successful even if it is a failure step you don’t need to worry because you have done something in what you have ,you haven’t depended on anyone .Gustavo has set a great example for the people who are financially low.

Don’t give having less income as excuse excuses is only for losers not for winners .Remember you are a winner and failure doesn’t makes you a looser instead it makes you to win in your life . Less income is also an advantage to you which makes you to know how to manage money even if it is very less .These management skills can make you hero.

“Do more with less” challenge presents a golden opportunity for smart, proactive people .they need to challenge life .focus only on things that you do better than anyone else.

The right strategy for not only today’s tougher economic time but to prosper in the future will be to adopt a philosophy of “Doing more with less”.

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