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Recognizing the Importance of the Individual

Aug 17, 2017

Appreciation is a fundamental of human need. A person respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work because it confirms that their work has some value. When a person and his work are valued, his satisfaction and productivity rises, and he is motivated to maintain or improve his good work.

Praise and recognition are necessary to an outstanding workplace. Recognizing people for their good work sends powerful messages to all the other employees and feel them motivated and satisfied on the workplace.

Everyone wants respect and valued for their contribution. To be really effective in your job, you need to understand the psychology of praising others for their good work. You can spontaneously praise people.

Employees enjoy recognition through personal, written, or any other medium from those they respect at work, given in a timely, sincere way. You can find many ideas which can help you to recognizing the individual for his effort.

Firstly you should thank the person by his name; by taking the name it makes some emotional bond between both of them. You should specifically state that what they did that being recognized. It is vital to be specific because it identifies and reinforced the desired behavior.

Explain them how the behavior made you feel. Point out the value added to the team or organization by the behavior. “They didn't recognize me," I repeat. He stops in turn, my hand still on his arm. "It is because they have never seen you," he says. "I would recognize you anywhere.”

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