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Interview with Dr. Arunaagiri, CEO of Empower, Enable, Educate India Pvt. Ltd.

Interviewer: Can you brief me about yourself and the company?

Dr. Arunaagiri: My name is Dr. Arunaagiri Mudaaliar. My company’s name is E Cube India- Empower-Enable- Educate India Pvt. Ltd. Our vision statement is to empower every human being to ignite their dormant potential and make them lead a more powerful and prosperous life. We have trained around one lakh people in about ten thousand seminars both in India and across the world. Our purpose is to make human beings win.

Interviewer: What ignited the spark in you to come up with such an idea?

Dr. Arunaagiri: Basically, I identify this as my passion. It is my passion to train and teach. So, I am a basketball player and I used to play for the Indian Basketball team. In the court too, I was leading the team from my junior years to the college level. In the field of leadership, I also used to guide and coach other people. Since then I have been involved in coaching and training.

Hence, I converted my passion into my profession.

Interviewer: What are the three things which you believe are most important for a successful business?

Dr. Arunaagiri: Most important, I believe is the leadership skills and the number of leaders in your team.

Second is a hard-working and motivated team. One needs to have a good, strong team.

Also the mission plays an integral role. The firm needs to be sure about their mission and work towards achieving it.

Interviewer: What were some of the challenges you faced in the journey of your business?

Dr. Arunaagiri: There have been a lot of challenges. In fact, it is always challenging for any businessmen to start and to become an entrepreneur. But, if you are very clear about your purpose and you are there to make a difference in the world, these challenges can be faced. Some challenges are to get good customers, retailing them, getting a good price, making a profitable firm. All these challenges are faced by every entrepreneur, but if the entrepreneur is determinant, he can come out as a winner out of these challenges. My only opinion is that you have to be the best in whatever you do.


Interviewer: What are some of your habits which helped you become a successful businessman?

Dr. Arunaagiri: I am a positive thinker. It has been one of my most important attributes, which I picked up from my basketball game.

Second, I am a person who is very relentless. Once I take up something, I don’t leave it or give up until I complete what I started.

Third is, I am a learner. I think, a person should learn from the womb to the tomb. That is my slogan for success. You should constantly learn-unlearn-relearn in this world.

You should have a set of influencing people who you are surrounded with. A motivated social circle is a must.

These are some of my habits, I believe, are the reasons for my success-My cost and pursue to learn, the relentlessness, positive thinking, and always being ready to be coached!

Interviewer: How did you come up with the name of your company?

Dr. Arunaagiri: The name of the company is Empower, Enable, Educate; it states the mission of our company. We are here to empower, enable and educate people in the true sense.

Interviewer: What would you advice budding entrepreneurs?

Dr. Arunaagiri: Entrepreneurship is a great journey. It gives you a tremendous amount of freedom, both financially and in terms of the time frame. As an entrepreneur, you are your own boss, so you can carry out tasks at your own pace. And at the same time you can create globalization, jobs for others, products which bring a difference in the society.

So, my advice to budding entrepreneurs would be that in such an era of rigorous competition and innovation, entrepreneurship is a very safe profession to take up. When you are working for someone else, although you might be self-employed but you have limitations in terms of income. But when you are your own master, as an entrepreneur, sky is the limit in terms of advancement, progress and the learning potential.

I would recommend youngsters, who are willing to go for entrepreneurship, go ahead and lead your life fully.

Interviewer: What mindset one should have to make their company achieve huge heights?

Dr. Arunaagiri: A businessman should follow the ‘three Os’ that is being OPEN to learn from everyone, have an OBJECTIVE, and OBSERVANT about the things around them. It is also important for one to be energetic and spread that energy among the people around them, have an edge in learning and using technology, and should possess good execution skills.

Interviewer: How does entrepreneurship contributes to a better or an enhanced lifestyle?

Dr. Arunaagiri: In my opinion every entrepreneur is a Leader. A Leader’s characteristic is to give or make a contribution, add value and is willing to take total responsibility. Also every good entrepreneur endeavors to give “More for less” and thus give absolute value for money. This attribute and characteristic of total responsibility is what makes every entrepreneur an asset to every society as he endeavors to keep on adding value and give more for less in every transaction. This is how he contributes to the society.

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