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Trusting Employees: A Rule Book

Aug 10, 2017

For business owners it is tough to make decisions when their rue book says one thing and the staff another, in such times it is important to go with what your employees have to say.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1.Ground zero: it is the employees who know what the situation at hand is. They know the complications at ground zero; a rule book on the other hand uses multiple assumptions and idea case scenarios which hardly occur in the same way in reality.

2.Theory v/s practical: a book is based on theories and propositions, the rules it lays down are just words, and it means one thing to read them and another to know how to execute them. Workers possess the technical know-how that helps them practically approach a problem.

3.Foundation: a rule book is not the functional foundation of your company, your workers are. It is important to trust them because they are equally invested in the company. All the decisions of the firm affect them directly; it is therefore, your duty to acknowledge their opinions.

4.Motivation: when the employees know that they are trusted they will be motivated to work, this will improve their work efficiency and job satisfaction. It is hard working employees that lead to growth of a company and not some rule book that dictates dos and don’ts.

5.Reputation: as a leader you must know when to trust your employees. If you are a leader who blindly follows a rule book word by word, then your reputation in the industry and in the office will suffer. A leader who knows the rules but chooses to deal with situations in their own creative ways or ways deduced from the text is always respected.

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