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Work Recognition=Employee Motivation

Aug 5, 2017

The workforce of an organization is its heart and soul. Behind the success of a business are its hardworking employees and the management. Employees, being such an important aspect of a successful business must be taken care of. Therefore, motivating employees is imperative.

Bonuses, perks, titles such as employee of the month and other rewards are well recognized tools for employee motivation. A unique yet effective way of motivating them is through work recognition.

Remember how in school teachers used to give remarks for everything, homework, assignments, projects etc. be it negative or positive, these remarks made us feel one thing for sure, that are work was being watched over. Recognizing a job well done, works on the same concept.

Surveillance: if an employer constantly recognizes employees with good performance and those who need to improve. This creates a sense of being watched over among the employees. This surveillance pushes them to perform better.

Appreciation: recognizing good performance is marked by appreciation. Seeing fellow employees being appreciated will boost the morale of other as well, it will also create the atmosphere of healthy competition in the workplace.

Satisfaction: when employees see that their performance is being observed constantly, they will know that their work is not going in vain. They will know that their work matters, this adds to employee satisfaction and would eventually reflect in employee retention statistics.

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