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The Wonders of Storytelling for Sales and Management

Aug 4, 2017

Storytelling is a great way to sell your product or services. Through a story line, you can engage a person’s attention and draw them towards your goal. A story carries a person along and can also be used for effective management. Real life stories, based on personal experience or examples can also be used as they have a hard-hitting impact. Here’s how you can tell your story:

1.Audience: the customer or client is the audience to your story. To make a good story,you need to involve your audience as well. Build the story of your product or service around them. Ask them a series of open-ended questions to determine their needs or wants from a product or service. You can choose to narrate your story around characters that resemble your audience.

2.Real life incidents: use practical and real story plots, do not fantasize or the audience will lose interest. Try bringing in people to share their own examples from everyday life. The realness of the story appeals to the audience.

3.Keep it simple: do not use a plot with too many complications or twists. You are not writing a book, to hold people’s interest and make them understand easily, keep the story simple yet catchy.

4.Examples: use examples of happy customers for sales and those of senior employees or ex-employees for management. Do not manipulate stories according to your will, be honest and share examples. Giving examples of successful senior employees can boost the morale of your workforce and sharing those of satisfied customers will get your new customers to trust you.

5.Appeal to logic + emotion: when narrating a story try to get to you audience’s emotions, but do not forget that your customers/employees at the end of the day, make a rationale choice so you also have to appeal to their logic. Persuade them logically and push them emotionally. This tactic is often used in advertisements.

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