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Team Building Exercises: Morale Booster

Aug 2, 2017

Employees do not function as mere individual unit. In a successful organization all employees must function as a well-oiled machine wherein one part compliments the other. Team building exercises at work can be used to strengthen the employee compatibility and boost their morale while refreshing them.

Here are some fun exercises that your employees will enjoy participating in and will perform as a better team too:

  • Ice breaking games: to get your new employees talking and to help them gel with the staff here are some games-

  • Logo: Gather your employees and ask them to empty their pockets. Ask them to design a logo that represents them the best with whatever material that they have. Once done ask all of them to explain in two lines what their logo is and how it describes them.

  • Name adjectives: ask all employees to think of an adjective that defines them starting from the first letter of their name. Give them two minutes to think and then discuss.

  • Trust building: getting your employees to share a bond of trust can become easy through these fun activities-

  • Directions: divide people in pairs. One player would be blindfolded and the other player has to direct the person by telling directions through the office to a point. Whoever reaches the point fastest, the team wins.

  • Trust fall: this is an outdoor activity that can be done at outdoor meets or trips. One person has to stand on an elevated platform, while others have to form a human net below. The person standing above has to drop down on their back and the others have to catch them.

  • Planning exercises: exercises to polish the planning skills of your employees can help them prepare for future situations-

  • The Paper Tower- This planning exercise is very simplistic in its approach, but it teaches participants the importance of planning, timing, and thinking on their feet. Each participant is given a single sheet of paper and told that it’s absolutely necessary that they construct the tallest free-standing structure in just five minutes using no other materials. After the five minutes and a review of the structures, a discussion can be had concerning who planned out their structure, the one who ran out of time, and what could be done differently next time.

  • Stationary pyramid- Divide people into teams. Ask them to build a pyramid out of the stationary that they have. To make it more interesting assign people roles, ask one to collect the stationary, one to draw the blueprint and another to execute the design. The team that builds the tallest pyramid or the strongest wins

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