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5 Reasons Why Small Businesses need to know about Twitter

Jul 29, 2017

Twitter is not just about hash tags, trending stories and celebrity profiles, if you are a small business owner then you need to know about it, here’s why:

1.Twitter for business: twitter gives business owners the opportunity to make use of their immensely popular public platform to advertise their business. This extends your businesses reach and helps you connect with relevant followers, based on other user’s preferences. It has a separate platform for assisting business profiles:

2.Ask questions and run polls: Asking questions is an effective way to interact with your audience, bring readers into the conversation, and understand people’s opinions. Ask relevant questions in an entertaining manner to get maximum responses.

3.Re-tweet: re-tweet positive feedback given by customers, ask them to share pictures with your product or more reviews and offer them some perks or reward in return. All small businesses need a happy consumer base to expand and twitter lets you publicize your happy customers.

4.Hash tag: use fun and attractive hash tags with your posts. Do not spam your post with as many tags as you can find, be selective and smart about it. The right tags can land your post in the trending stories, which will fetch you some good publicity.

5.Competitor research: you can look at the kind of users that interact with the profile of your competitors and then formulate you marketing strategies accordingly. You can also get to know the enemy’s weaknesses and strengths and can develop yourself knowing what you are up against.

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