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Moving a step forward: Live Chat

Jul 20, 2017

Online retail is an industry constantly changing to keep up with growing consumer demands for convenience. Customer service is one of the last areas that physical stores has previously held the advantage over online stores, but that advantage is quickly eroding as technologies such as live chat are becoming more prevalent.

Some ways to put live chat to use to drive sales upwards:

1.It is the highest rated in customer satisfaction. People are more satisfied when someone answers to their queries personally and live in front of them. It is a human tendency to have a satisfaction with the solution of a problem only by noticing the expressions of an individual. Voices can be faked, but the facial expression comes what the person actually believes and cannot be falsified immediately. It also helps to build a personal relationship.

2.Be available to the customers when they actually require you instead of just going live during the working hours. That can instill a feeling of importance and priority in the customers. That way one is also able to learn the actual requirements and the real sales of a company.

3.​Having an instant contact with your customers is a good way to beat competition. Since, live chats are an untapped potential currently. Many people do not encourage its usage for the purpose of customer service or marketing. Hence, adopting a latest and trending innovation gives the company an edge.

4.A customized chat window on the website is a good way to enable customers to reach out to the company easily. It increases the probability of evoking trust in potential customers. This improves the customer reach by building trust and providing easy to contact information.

5.The live chat staff is well trained to expertly assist visitors with common questions or take their details so that a specialist can call them back. At the same time, the live chat agents escalate qualified leads to you immediately so that you can proactively ensure that a visit to your website translates to a sale.

6.The information gathered in the chat transcripts will highlight pitfalls in product or service. This enables to target these areas, improve on them and increase sales as a result.

7.Using the opportunity of using live chats to boost and popularize the social media platform of the company can also help one by letting the customers know more about the products and services offered. That can also lead to the conversion of a viewer to sales.

Hence, live chat is the ultimate sales hack. The Live Chat service is fast becoming a must have on websites. This small yet effective addition promises not only to improve sales; it is cost effective at the same time.

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