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5 Questions to Lead You to the Right Decision

Jul 9, 2017

There come several occasions in life when one has to take decisions which are detrimental to their present and future. To make sure you are on the right path, here are 5 questions that you can ask yourself to assist you in taking the right decision:

1.Is this what ‘I ‘want? From our childhood we grow up as dependents, waiting for the ‘grown ups’ around us to take our decisions for us. However, there comes a time in life when no one but us can take our decisions. This is the time when we are most likely to be influenced by what the people around us say and do. Make sure whatever decision you take, is truly ‘yours’ and no one else’s, for it is you who has to live with it.

2.Will I regret in 10 years down the line? All our decisions taken today have consequences on our future; the future therefore is the best judge. If you feel like you might even slightly regret a decision a few years later then you have to rethink and choose a path that you can confidently opt for and will not feel guilty about later in life.

3.Am I doing this just because it is expected of me or is this really what I want? Most people spend their lives fulfilling the expectations that others attach to them, they remain occupied with pleasing others all the time and often forget about their own self. Whenever faced with a difficult situation focus on pleasing yourself first and then others. But be cautious about not hurting others interest while pleasing yourself.

4.Have I thought this through? Make sure before acting on anything you have thought about it thoroughly. You must be aware of the consequences of your decision and its future implications on yourself and others.

5.Am I willing to take responsibility for this decision? If you feel confident in taking responsibility for your decision in future come what may, then it is you conscience guiding you on that path, if you are not sure of it then you have some more thinking to do to prepare yourself.

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