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4 Ways to Manage Your Energy Better

Jul 1,2017

As the demand of workplace keeps rising, many people respond it by putting in ever longer hours, which certainly burnout the costs of both the organization and employee. We have unequal levels of energy at a particular period of time throughout the day.

One of the best ways to maximize job performance in the face of increasing demand and competition is just by focussing on energy management. Most of the people would surely say that they are or are not a morning person. As for night owls, the more time they had after a sunset to get things done in better and effective manner. There is no such thing like time management. There is only energy management we are doing in a given period of time. The key is to find different ways to manage your activity and priorities. As the energy management is the only mantra of success.​Unlike time, your energy capacity is something which you can increase and renew in order to meet the challenges and difficulties a person faces in his daily life. A single email or a single conversation can break your focus or completely rearrange the priority of the day you have decided.

But by managing your energy, you can give your best performance to whatever activity or task you are doing. You can achieve the result that is far superior to the incremental gain you might get from time management technique.

But now the question arises that “How one can manage his energy” the answer for this will definitely help you to increase your productivity if you will follow it...

1.Get enough rest: As a new business owner, it is seductive to see sleep as an optional. Burning the midnight oil might be just what’s needed to get your business launched in the early days, but it is not a long-term solution. Lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your mind as well as on your body. It reduces your ability to concentrate and make a good decision. As an entrepreneur you want a business that supports you, so your health needs to be your first priority which increases your energy to do the task more confidently and easily.

2.Cut down on junk foods: unless the new business is food related, most of the entrepreneurs give little thought to what they are eating. The problem is that they mostly depend on junk food which makes their energy tank run empty. If you eat healthy food it will help you to increase your energy level both mentally as well as physically by which you can work with more enthusiasm.

3.Exercise: It might sound awkward to suggest entrepreneurs to stop working for an hour a day in order to get sweaty in the gym. But that 1 hour you give for your body increases your energy, productivity, creativity to a significant level. It helps you to control your mental stress level and gives you feel good factor.

4.Always think about your goals: Sometimes a person feels tired and de-motivated from doing daily office work. At this moment your mindset can help you to feel good and increases your energy. When you feel like you have stuck in your business it’s always helpful to remember why you started out on the path of an entrepreneur and answer for might be like that you want to make your life better and want to achieve some good position which increases your value in the market and help to make yourself proud. This type of self-motivation always helps to energize you.

Tony Schwartz said that “To be a consistently high performer, you have to manage your energy not your time”.

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