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Happy employees are productive employees

Jun 30, 2017

The phenomena of employee satisfaction is integral to an organization and its objectives. The managers of their respective firms are well aware of this and its one of the decisive and crucial aspect of their profession.

To assist and recognize the paramount procedures of management and the reason they function effectively, Gallup, Inc. steered and introspected statistical surveys with managers and employees and eventually figured out what motivates an employee to function.

Obviously the supreme and ostensible evaluations are that happy employees are most productive, being productive denotes their dedication towards their job and their optimistic behavior that makes them less likely to quit the job, the employees resilience itself saves judicious time and money for the manager

Furthermore employees with higher work satisfaction are 27% more consistent than dissatisfied employees, a manager or an organization would prefer such employees as to unproductive subordinates as its just waste of the organizations resources and assets

The statistics also reveals that dissatisfied and dejected employees are 31% more vulnerable of quitting their jobs, replacing them could be a tedious and a time consuming task for a firm, specifically if the position entails a recruitment with specific set of skills, for instance if a sports journalist quits his or her job it’s a humongous task for a firm to hire a recruiter with that precise talent and skills.

Apparently its and amazing fact that satisfied employees are less vulnerable to calamities while on work, there are many jobs that demand extreme amount of physicality from the employees, for instance working for a shipping company or a truck loading firm, workers who enjoy their work are less vulnerable to loss of concentration and focus, as they are more vigilant to their responsibilities.

Apparently Gallup reveled that dissatisfied and disengaged employees suffer 62% frequent injuries than the satisfied employees.

To conclude one can claim that it’s equally imperative and beneficial for both the company and its employees to create a productive work atmosphere that promotes dedication and excellence

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