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The Beauty of Creative Entrepreneurs

The prerequisite of being an entrepreneur is to be creative. By definition an entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. Being creative is subjective.

A few ways of channelizing one’s creativity can be:

Playing it ‘unsafe’, Entrepreneurs take risk at the very beginning when they decide to start something new. They must carry forward their risk taking attitude in taking future decisions for their firm.

Bravery differs from over confidence. In the path of risk taking entrepreneurs must make sure they do not make any hasty decisions jeopardizing the future of their firm. There are times when the firm faces option that may be too risky, playing safe in such situations is not a weakness but a pragmatic solution.

Fix problems instead of pointing them. Unlike a business establishment where problems are pointed out to other departments and complaints are made frequently, a startup does not have several departments and executives to report and correct problems. In a start-up, entrepreneurs have to find report and correct the problems on their own. They cannot rely on anyone else to make assessments or judgments. Therefore their task becomes even more difficult since they do not have the privilege of second opinion.

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