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Tweeting the Entrepreneurial Way!

Jun 23, 2017

Although being a short messaging communication tool, twitter reaches out to almost half of the world.In the social media world, Twitter falls into the category of micro-blogging tools but it has its perks and is one of the basic social media platforms, where every business needs to have its presence at.

Here are some tips and tricks to acknowledge about the use of twitter for business:

  1. Once you are done with making an account, its time to organize the list you’ll follow. It is important to target the appropriate group of people;the customers, suppliers, nieghbouring business, peers, and competitors, to spread the noise. To be able to identify the right market, twitter lists allows you to group important people you follow.

  2. Whom you follow determines your experience with Twitter, and to be in touch with the people who inspire you without ignoring anyone else is, it is recommended to create a private conversation list and categorize them to make Twitter become a joy.

  3. Customizing the look and color of your Twitter profile page, gives you an opportunity to provide additional information about your business to everyone who visits your profile.

  4. Make it easy for people to find your Business on Twitter by adding your username to all of your business material. Also posting a Twitter Follow button on your website or blog makes it easy for people to follow your business on Twitter.

  5. Pictures and animations usually attract more people, so don’t forget to include photographs in your tweets whenever possible. Posting photos of the business activities for your twitter community also provides a sense of personal touch to the followers.

  6. Twitter Ads for smaller businesses, although is a challenge but it can prove helpful by providing a new experience of learning altogether. One needs to have a proactive approach to get the leads on twitter.

  1. Start measuring your Twitter performance, whether it is beneficial to the business, is it showing positive results and to check how your twitter strategies are working. Regularly examining the business activities, brings about more effeciency and enhanced results.

So, Is Twitter a part of your social media marketing?

If not, grab your nearby device and make an account immediately. You wouldn’t like to lose out on such a fun platform to work on.

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