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7 Outstanding Benefits of an Employee Survey

Jun 17,2017

Employees are the bedrock of an organization. Employee surveys are essential to know the condition of the organization. Ensuring good state of this bedrock is equivalent to a health checkup of the firm.

Here are a few ways in which employee surveys can help you as a business owner:

1.Formulation of human resource policies: the human resource department of a firm can use employee surveys to better manage their workforce. They are aided by these surveys in understanding the needs of their employees and how can they create a better work environment to harness their maximum potential.

2.Employee retention: employee satisfaction surveys tell how satisfied an employee is with their work and work environment. If the results are favorable then it implies that the firm can successfully retain its employees on the other hand if the results are not favorable they can work to improve the situation.

3.Honest Feedback: anonymously answered employee surveys are a mirror to the firm as they show an honest image from the eyes of an insider. Working on this feedback and conducting such surveys regularly can strengthen a firm’s reputation in the employment sector and it can make the form a strong competitor in the industry.

4.Improve employee’s self-esteem: surveys show to employees that the firm is not inconsiderate about them. Surveys make them feel valued. When firm’s work on the responses elicited from surveys employees are made to feel cared for, this increases their self-esteem and positively impacts their work efficiency.

5.Serious offences can come to notice: serious matters such as those of sexual harassment or abuse or substance abuse are often not reported by employees directly due to hesitation or fear. Through surveys they may report such matters. These cases should be urgently and strictly dealt with or the employees may lose faith is the firm’s justness. The identity of the complainant must be kept confidential.

6.Transparency: employee surveys are a marker of a transparently working firm. Transparency in working is appreciated both inside and outside the firm. This builds the reputation and credibility of the firm in the market.

7.A different angle of view: instead of a top down view of the firm from a senior post, employee surveys allow senior executives to have a broader and more comprehensive view of the working of the firm from ground zero. This way the working of intermediate levels can also be checked.

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