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13 Must Know Marketing hacks for your products and Services!

Jun 13,2017

Creating a product is not an easy task because it not only deals with its creation but also its launching and advertising. The company needs to ensure that it will land on a pre-defined market and end to be profitable.

A good marketing strategy isn’t necessarily dependent on the amount of money one shells out, it also depends on how effective it is in spreading the buzz.

Here are some hacks to promote products and services effectively-

1.Press Release: A simple, brief press release article posted on the sites which accepts and distributes it sets the buzz to roll in. Hence, the product or service is circulated and a word is spread.

2.Forum Posting: Searching forums that promote a similar product and posting on large forums rather than small ones saves a lot of time. That way it is easy to reach out to more people. Also, contribute in highly visited discussions.

3.Offering freebies and attractive offers on the product attracts more customers.

4.Creativity: It is the best asset. All that shines is not gold but the shine does attract people. And once attracted, selling, done creatively lead to success.

5.Holding campaigns, organizing contests are a great way to influence more public and informing them about the product. One can offer solicit prizes like money, eBooks, and subscriptions, valuable to the customers.

6.Social Media: Using the full force of social media in the promotional activity is the advanced way and would also help in reaping the most of benefits.

7.Providing and mentioning the elements and details of the products or service clearly- Clients looking for things are generally in a hurry and prefer products with easy to read labels and services with easy to understand terms.

8.Adding images in the advertising or selling products always builds an emotional connection with the customers. It confirms the clients that it is the product or service they are looking for.

9.The title should be catchy and convincing and creative. Also the main features should be clearly visible.

10.First Impression is the last impression. Building up a good first impression prevents a dip in the customer count. It also promotes a consistent sale of products.

11.Having a creative and unique packaging or logo also serves as a good tool of advertisement, along with an attractive jingle; it adds even more colors to the sales.

12.Providing special offers and discounts and negotiations, offering samples also increases the utilization and interest of clients.

13.E-mail Marketing: It is the second most effective customer acquisition channel. It helps in keeping customers aware of the constant launch and introduction of new products. It also gives a constant notification about the existence of the company.

Neither products nor services can sell themselves and hence the marketer needs to find a way according to their inconvenience and interest to find a perfect market for it.

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