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How Dreaming Big can take You Far

Sep 23,2017

Life is all about dreams. Pursuing our dreams is a great task. Dreamers always achieve great things and they reach great heights in their life.

How do they do it?

That's the question.

Here is how they do it....

Positivity! Dreamers always have a positive outlook towards life. Their perception about life is always optimistic. Positivity makes them to achieve great feat and also make them look tall in all aspects. People with positive outlook will have enormous patience. They are undeterred and hardworking. Dreams make them ticking.

Here is a small anecdote about the world's eminent comedian of Hollywood. From a humble beginning he reached great heights. He became one of the most popular comedians of Hollywood. He had an ailing mother and he lost his father at a young age. Despite all these obstacles he achieved his objective of becoming a popular actor. All these he could achieve because dreams kept him ticking. Even before he became a popular actor he always kept a cheque in his pocket wherein he has written 1 million dollar. This he did because, he thought one day he will charge a million dollar for a movie. He achieved this in his life. He dreamt,"BIG" and he achieved it. Whenever he faced hardships he use to look at the cheque and dreamt of earning that humongous cash. Years later the lad was popularly called as Bruce the almighty! Jim Carrey dreamt that he would become a successful person someday. He believed in his dreams, thus a dreamer became a star.

"A dream does not become reality through magic; It takes sweat, determination and hard work"- Colin Powel.

Optimism, determination and patience are the key qualities of a successful dreamer. While normal people just dream, a dreamer chases his dreams. Their dreams do not occur during the REM cycle whereas their dreams materialize and they achieve it through hard work.

Dreamers always throw away the past and they learn from their mistakes. They do not whine. They rise like a Phoenix! They know that memories take them backward whereas dreams push them forward.

It will be a mistake on the author's part if one does not mention about our former President Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam while talking about dreams. Kalam not only chased his dreams but he inspired many to chase theirs! He is a standing example that Dreamers spread positive vibes. Dreamers recreate this world.

Wright brothers dreamt of flying and they invented aeroplanes. Dreamers do not have vague desires they are passionate about their dreams. Dreamers do not daydream instead they burn the midnight oil to work for their dream.

Dreams should not be just dreams they must become one's blood and soul. Only then a person can reach dizzy heights. Dreamer's dreams are burning desires. They toil for their dream day in and day out.

"Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration"- Anonymous

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