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Health & Wellness 2023

Bee Base Pvt Ltd.png

Bee Base Pvt Ltd

Health And Wellness

Bee Base produces naturally flavored honey by letting bees collect nectar from specific fl

Divine Spark Pvt. Ltd. Logo.png

Divine Spark Pvt. Ltd.

Pranic Healing And Meditation

The Pranic Healing organization specializes in harnessing the power of Energy for holistic

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Dr Kadu_s Dental _ Orthodontic clinic.png

Dr Kadu's Dental & Orthodontic clinic


Dr. Kadu's Dental & Orthodontic Clinic is a trusted provider of comprehensive dental treat

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Manian Medical Center.png

Manian Medical Center


Maruthavathil Manitha Neyam

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Health & Wellness

MysteryVibe is a world-leading provider of medical devices for sexual health. Their FDA Cl

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Health And Wellness

This company specializes in health and wellness services, focusing on chronic disease mana

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Ayurvedic Products Manufacturing

RAS BOLD is a reputable manufacturer of dermatologically tested, Ayush GMP certified, ISO,

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Tess Anderson


Rush Pharmacy is a digital platform in Thane, Mumbai, offering genuine medicines and healt

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Medical Equipment

They are dealing with operations theatre and Intensive care unit equipment sales and servi

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ARFICUS PRIVATE LIMITED - Health And Wellness ARFICUS PRIVATE LIMITED's MEDHINI is an award-winning AI-powered healthcare solution. It offers rapid, accurate, and affordable diagnosis, preventive healthcare, and health future predictions with 99.31% clinical accuracy. MEDHINI reduces diagnosis time to 53 seconds and costs to less than $7, benefiting underserved communities. It strengthens local health systems, aids decision-making, improves accessibility, and ensures continuity of care. MEDHINI has impacted 17.6 million lives, saved $3 million, and achieved a 98% reduction in diagnosis time. With a social-driven approach, it addresses healthcare disparities and serves diverse populations, including women, minorities, people with disabilities, and older adults.

Finlyt Solutions Private Limited - Health & Wellness Finlyt is an Indian SaaS platform that eases the financial burden of medical consultations. Users can access top doctors online or in-person, with lab tests and pharmacy services available. The subscription plan includes unlimited consultations, free prescribed tests, 50% pharmacy bill reimbursement, annual health check, and free tax planning. A complete healthcare solution for individuals across India.

GOWELNEXT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - Health & Wellness They offer pre-policy health examinations, specialized professional services, risk management initiatives, and group client support. They also provide yearly health examinations and on-site medical officer services. They are a health service provider that caters to various needs of their clients.

In Bloom Therapy - Mental Health In Bloom Therapy is a mental health collective that offers ethical, evidence-based care. They welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds, addressing work pressures, relationships, and personal growth. Their trauma-informed, holistic approach integrates emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual well-being. With a person-centered focus, they foster authenticity, resilience, and agency for clients and professionals alike.

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