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Yugen Analytics Private Limited, Winner of the Great Companies Global Business Award - 2022

Business Name: Yugen Analytics Private Limited.

Name: Aayush Agrawal.

Location: Bangalore, India.

Establishment (Year): 2018.

Category / Industry: IT Services.

Sub Category / Sub Industry: ML Products and System

Number of employees: 11-50 employees.

Website URL:

Company Detail:

They make products & offer services to accelerate Data Science Journeys for their clients

The solutions to Customer problems:


They build End-to-End Machine Learning Systems for their clients which helps automate decision-making for various functions


They offer services and they build products as well. Their services include Data Engineering, Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning & AI Model Development, Model Deployment, etc. These services can be used to solve problems like:

1) Improving User Experience using recommender systems, reward management, etc.

2) Improving Business Efficiency using optimal supply chain, better demand forecasting, etc.

In terms of products, they:

1) Recently launched a product aimed at automating the replenishment process for Fashion Retailers in India.

2) Recently kick-started the development of an MLOps Platform which will help organizations reduce the time to take ML Models to production significantly.

Unique Value Proposition:

  • Focus on Engineering – They design systems which are highly scalable & reliable. They take an engineering-first approach instead of a model-first approach taken by most Data Science Vendors.

  • Focus on Fast Prototyping – Their focus on engineering ensures that they build pipelines to support their ML Models. This in turn helps us deploy the models fast and iterate more. More iterations help them not only learn more but also gives them more opportunity to generate ROI.

  • Focus on Impact - Their delivery mechanism, roadmap, execution, everything is optimized to create impact as soon as possible

Target Market:

Their target market is:

1) Industries: Advertisement Technology / Marketing Technology, Gaming & Interactive Entertainment, Fin-Tech / Crypto / Web3, Retail & Tech Industry

2) Geography: US, Europe, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Korea

Their ideal customer is:

1) A Tech Company or organization which wants to solve a problem using data

2) A Company having a revenue >$10M or which has raised at least Series A in funding

Company’s Internal Objectives related to innovation, customer service, and operational excellence:

  • Most innovative products/services.

  • Improve or focus on research and development.

  • Investing in Great customer service.

  • Improve customer retention.

A customer’s review:

  • Reliable products/services, Best Service, Most innovative products/services

Benefits to Employees:

  • Positive Work Environment.

  • A Fair Salary.

  • Job Security.

  • Freedom in the Workplace.

  • Work-Life Balance, Growth Career Opportunities.

Community / Society Service:

They started an initiative called Pursuit of Happiness, where we ask their employees to share their small wins & achievements with everyone in the company. At the end of the year, they count the total number of such posts by everyone on the team and plant as many trees.



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