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Yashu Sharma, Founder at NeoWise Business Solutions

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Yashu Sharma: I started my career by joining the organization where I had to build up the HR Department from basics, The inception process was much after the organization was there in the market, the idea of incorporating the HR Culture right from the beginning of the business is the key that helped me to bring up the concept out. Of course this pandemic made me think and sail through this entire aspect & importance - of bringing out this concept and making it to life. I could see the gaps between the organizations and the employees along with the unemployed groups in the Job Market which showed out the importance of Strategic HR Management right from the beginning and Yes, I got my very first assignment by my ex-colleague also a friend, to set up the HR systems much before his company thought of setting up in Goa location which stood as a motivation for me to start in the same direction.

Basically The need for Human Resources in any organization is the key, Especially the startups, many people have this thought that, HR is needed when we have people already, but it's the other way round, wherein I am here to let the organizations make their way to start their firm in the best way by making sure their HR Systems is well in place before you start employing resources/employees. The need is indeed there but much before you plan to set up processes in the company. As the HR is set up, then you are good to go and maintain it throughout, and that's how I started NeoWise keeping in mind all the startups to bring up the best of the systems, and we provide exactly that! Our speciality is building up entire HR Systems to run your startup and add value to even the first employee of the company.

I have another Venture too, that's my Passion as well, CraftersYard, which again focuses on bringing the best of the talents across all genders and give everyone the platform to enhance their skills, talents and confidence through CraftersYard in a unique way. and still there's a long way to go in that journey as well and lots more to achieve

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by NeoWise Business Solutions

Yashu Sharma: Our Speciality/USP is building up entire HR Systems to run your startup and add value to even the first employee of the company, we call is as Virtual HR Services- we have a team of HR's and specialist who specifically set up the entire HR system and run it for the organizations who wouldn't want to invest in having a full time HR. we fulfill each aspect of HR Systems virtually & successfully. other services include, Training & Development, Recruitment Services, HR Social Media Handling, Employee Engagements. Payroll & Compliance's, Strategic HR Management Services and Career & Personal Counselling Services.

Great Companies: What makes NeoWise Business Solutions different from hundreds of other Business Consulting firms ?

Yashu Sharma:

NeoWise not only provides a single service alone unlike other consulting firms, but an entire "HR Package" at the most affordable cost which includes best of the strategic advisory and Resource planning as an addon to Virtual HR Systems specially for startups.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Yashu Sharma: The belief that, HR is required for starting your business, the belief of making HR an important aspect of an organization and focusing on the company to become best place to work in. The idea still needs to be inculcated. apart from that is that to explain the management the importance of Human Resource in an organization right from the time of inception, Most of the organizations start without HR and later realize the importance wherein it gets difficult to later on convince the employees that management is interested and is focused/looking after the Human aspect of an organization.and yes, Major challenge is - Hiring Right candidate for the right job at the right time, and we are determined to accomplish and overcome this challenge in the best of the strategic ways

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for NeoWise Business Solutions?

Yashu Sharma: We look to be one of the largest player in the field and grow bigger with this concept of creating values, engaging the employees right from knowing the organization and getting into it successfully,

Enhance HR Employment along with other employment opportunities for unemployed group and - to work with every startups of India and go international to connect and start their Human Resource journey with NeoWise.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Yashu Sharma: Bring your ideas to life before it fades away from your mind. Do not hesitate to take one step forward/move even when your in doubt, dont give up and keep moving with Positive mind, Trust the process & flow with the energy, keep envisioning your dream life & bring it into reality!



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