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Weaver Story, Great Companies SME Business of the Year Award Winner 2021

Company Name: Weaver Story Founder Name: Nishant Malhotra

Category and Sub-Category:Textiles & Fashion

City: New Delhi

Year of Founding: 2005

Can you provide us with a description about your Brand / Company:

Weaverstory is brand working to promote aritsians, and focus on handllom and hadicrafts only. A social media initiatve now works with over 75 weaving families across 3 clusters. Connecting to the world and shipping their produce directly to over 20 countries.

USP / Competitive Advantage:

Weaverstory is only works in handlooms and handcrafted, creating sustainable buying market for its weavers and customers alike.

Your accomplishments, milestones achieved so far:

We have served over 5000 customers across 20 countries and have been encompassed our reach to many weaving clusters. With less 3% return on our products, ensure quality checks at all stages of delivery.

Target Customers:

NRI, Women starting career or planning to marry



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