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Viqhar Ahmed of HRCade Consultants

GREAT COMPANIES: Can you commence by telling a little about your start –up?

VIQHAR AHMED: Being a MBA in Human Resources, I always had this idea of having my own consultancy someday, and it took me almost 15 years to start one, my company's name is HRCade Consultants, my main aim for opening this HR consultancy is to help companies find the right manpower for their organization and also I train fresh MBA graduates, HR executives and those interested to make a career in the field of HR, in the entire gamut of core HR activities which would be beneficial for them, when they attend interviews, and also help them to get into a HR Generalist profile, I am also into soft skills training and I have a well designed in house interview assessment system.

GREAT COMPANIES: How do you manage your clients?

VIQHAR AHMED: We manage our clients by making sure we spend enough time in understanding their business and their requirements and we make our roles and responsibilities very clear with our clients, which helps us to stay focused and deliver our client's demands on time and of great value.

GREAT COMPANIES:  What goals do you have for the company in five years?

VIQHAR AHMED: In the coming years I want our company to be known as the socially healthy company, wherein each and every customer and each and every staff in our company, should feel motivated and happy to be working with us. Our mission statement is 'To impart knowledge among the existing and the upcoming workforce so, they could help themselves to make great careers and impart the same knowledge to others in need, and create a transformational future workforce'. By achieving this mission we could create a fantastic workforce which is highly motivated and positive.

GREAT COMPANIES: How do you plan to increase your marketing?

VIQHAR AHMED: I would like to get published for our work in all the top magazines and journals, which would directly help in marketing our company's name and mission to the people all over. Because there is no better marketing strategy than to have your achievements, customer reviews and feedback publshed. We strongly believe that referrals are the best form of marketing that any company could dream of...

GREAT COMPANIES: What are the company’s values?

VIQHAR AHMED: Our company values are very simple, they are: A.) Integrity, B.) To work with utmost honesty, and C.) To deliver the right services to the clients.



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