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Vikas Rawat, Founder & CMD at Global Garner Sales Services Limited

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

VIKAS RAWAT: Since I am from a sales and insurance background, I derived this whole idea from that sector only. Consequently, when I explored the market, I analyzed that all businesses require sales irrespective of whether it is Small or Large but none of the Companies Provide post-paid sales services across the world. Currently, All the companies ask for an Onboarding fee, Lead Fee, Marketing Fee etc that too without any guarantee of a sale.

On the One hand, Vendors wanted sales, on the other, there are so many sales skilled people who have sales skills but were not able to diversify as there is no option and were compelled to restrict their skill to one brand/product/service. That too with investment risks and geographical boundaries.

Therefore, we designed the whole ecosystem of GG through which we route the whole economy and provide postpaid sales services through our digital platform and the Global Human Network of Sales simultaneously all sales individuals get an entire vendor catalogue to cross-sell to their customers and earn without any investment into inventory etc. and GG also gives a bouquet of unique smart cashback options for customers, So we empower all segments of society with the entire ecosystem of Global Garner

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by GLOBAL GARNER SALES SERVICES LIMITED

VIKAS RAWAT: We offer post-paid sales services to all categories of businesses, vendors, etc with Zero Upfront Cost where these businesses have to pay commission only on successful sales, with the added advantage of a Cashback for all their customers.

We also offer an Advanced Digital platform called UPOS-The Digital Mall in which we have integrated the entire sales ecosystem of the country through which these businesses can also sell their products and services. To connect all categories of vendors like e-commerce sites, national brands, retailers, wholesalers, local vendors, etc, with the customers we have designed this software where products of these businesses and vendors will be sold by Digital Mall owners to their customers to earn Incentives, which makes UPOS the biggest interexchange of businesses in the world with zero investment in inventory. Thus, we have created a digital distribution network integrated with human intellect to promote the products of these businesses and vendors. Hence, we offer a digital Franchise of all these businesses/brands to these digital mall owners without actually investing in inventory.

Additionally, we offer 4 types of cashback/ rewards to all customers/users who purchase through our platform.

Our whole business model is copyrighted.

Great Companies: What makes GLOBAL GARNER SALES SERVICES LIMITED from hundreds of other similar service providers?


Firstly, there is no such similar service provider and our whole business model is copyrighted. We are the world’s first post-paid sales service provider and we work digitally through a human-assisted model.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

VIKAS RAWAT: Initially we faced a struggle with funding issues but as gradually people started understanding our concept, we started generating good revenue and became profitable. Then we faced a further bigger challenge when one very big corporate tried to partner with us and since we declined their proposal, they tried to pull us down from all sides. Thereafter, they created their own website and firm and also copied our process and concept. Gradually, they started poaching our CTO, CSO, and other Directors as well as Employees, Partners, entire sales force, Vendors, and top management and started spreading the rumours about us Subsequently, we faced huge financial and non-financial losses but somehow coped up and kept walking.

When the COVID-19 pandemic kept its foot in the country with its first wave, and everybody was bound to stay at their homes due to nationwide lockdown, we got the opportunity to showcase our concept and product to a huge population base and further succeed to reach and attract them at an individual level through the virtual platform like Zoom which also contributed greatly for us to experience a great upsurge in the overall growth of the company.

This phase also benefited us to develop and establish a standard and committed team which in order led us to trail a path of success from which we have not looked back to the date.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for GLOBAL GARNER SALES SERVICES LIMITED?

VIKAS RAWAT: We have divided our work territories into 14 States whereby these territories are headed by State Heads who all come from a very stable and decent background and are heartily dedicated to the growth of the company.

These State Heads established the team of MCP, CP, ACP and Partners below them exclusively to sell UPOS and recruit Vendors and this team size is increasing day by day.

In the next few months, we plan to have 25 offices in different parts of the country which will be headed by our Vice Presidents, selected from within our existing team.

With our 900000 UPOS in the Indian market by December 2025, Our MISSION is To create

21,000 Entrepreneurs

36,00,000 Digitally Empowered Vendors

72,00,000 Sustainable Jobs

In this journey, we will be creating 21,000 Entrepreneurs who will walk step by step with us working towards the same objective and hyper-focused, with high zeal and passion to accomplish our goal. As an organization with the collective efforts of our high-performance team, we will be onboarding 36,00,000 vendors on our platform which includes all categories of vendors starting from big businesses to small retailers. We intend to digitally empower the small, local and regional vendors so that they can transform themselves and survive in this world of competition. This huge network thus created will simultaneously create 72,00,000 Sustainable White-Collar Jobs and empower every person who joins us in our Mission

Down the line, our Vision is to become the world’s biggest organization from India.

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

VIKAS RAWAT: Be passionate about your Aim, if you think, you can then Be Ziddi and Keep Walking


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Gokulakrishnan B S
Gokulakrishnan B S

Our achievements will be written in the golden words of history 💪🏻 Proud to be a GGian


Sunar Manohar
Sunar Manohar



Pushpa Lata Lama
Pushpa Lata Lama

WOW Global Garner Sales & services Limited. Empowering people


Tom Joseph
Tom Joseph

This is Awesome Vikasji.... We are proud of being part of such a wonderful concept and Organization... Waiting and working for the great day when we become the largest organization in the world from India... 🙏🙏🙏💐💐💐🌹🌹🌹

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