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Vijayanand R of Elite property services

Great Companies: What are the facilities that you provide? Vijayanand R: Elite property is in to commercial real estate, we identify suitable commercial office space and showroom properties and location for rent for our clients.

Great Companies: What was the reason behind the making of Elite property services? Vijayanand R: Their is a gap between the building owners and tenants, land lord require the good tenants and hassle free rental and the tenant requires a land lord who will be cooperate with them. we in between will ensure and finished the deal without any issues in their lease period.

Great Companies:  How do you ensure the satisfaction of the clients? Vijayanand R: our transaction will be Transparent and any small issues we will understand and close with the market practice. All the points discussed during negotiations of lease term will be entered in the agreement so that there is no breach of agreement from both the parties.

Great Companies:  How do you pledge to provide the best for your clients? Vijayanand R:  Guarantee them we will stand with them to solve issues till the tenure  ends. Great Companies:  What are the certain issues that are faced generally? Vijayanand R: usually we are dealing with National & international companies so all are documented before taking possession of the property no major issues raise. some companies will go for registration the cost will be borne by the Land lord and tenant in which some land lord doesn't accept the cost for registration.



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