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Vidyadhara Consultancy LLP, Winner of the Great Companies Global Business Award - 2022

Business Name: Vidyadhara Consultancy LLP

Name: Ravi and Nayantara Chatterjee

Location: Bangalore, India

Establishment (Year): 2020

Category / Industry: Education and E-Learning

Sub Category / Sub Industry: Skill Development

Number of employees: 1-10 employees

Company Detail:

A team of TVET professionals, educationists, and industry experts who are committed to enhancing the quality of vocational skills and education globally.

The company aims to contribute toward building sustainable models of 'outcome-based learning.

The company offers new-age learning and assessment solutions for school/college students, unemployed youth, and working professionals

The solutions to Customer problems:


Employability skill gap, Lack of outcome-based learning solutions, Lack of upskilling and reskilling options for the existing workforce, and disconnect between policy and its execution in the skill ecosystem.

Solution -

Competency based/outcome-based learning and assessment solutions, Experiential Learning with easy access through technology, and Diverse upskilling and reskilling solutions accessible to the existing workforce.

Unique Value Proposition:

Outcome-based live learning session in online and offline mode, that is accessible to all at the most reasonable price

Target Market:

School/college students, unemployed youth, and working professionals

Company’s Internal Objectives related to innovation, customer service, and operational excellence:

  • Improve or focus research and development

A customer’s review:

  • Understands customer needs

Benefits to Employees:

  • Positive Work Environment,

  • Freedom in the Workplace

Community / Society Service:

Building education economy of the society



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