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Varun Chaturvedi, Founder & CEO at Volttic EV Charging

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Varun Chaturvedi: Main motive behind Volttic to start where we can contribute to our social responsibility when climate change risk is increasing day by day to most of Indian cities and across world.

Same time it helps to generate employment and revenue as well.

So we were thinking to do something which cover both aspect.

As individual I always believe we always doing such thing where we have our own expertise and command.

Being as electrical engineer background battery charging technology was not new to me and have vast experience on electrical infra and battery, battery charging from my past industry experience.

So Volttic is a unique outcome for me where my technical, social and economics all plans get matched and then we started.

Great Companies: What are the various services provided by Volttic EV Charging

Varun Chaturvedi: Volttic is one of the leading EV charging service provider at India where we provide complete end to end EV Charging solutions for home as well commercial charging segment.

As Volttic we provide EV Chargers integrated with cloud base backend monitoring software and also the services for installation and maintenance. You can say one stop solution for all your home & commercial charging needs.

As a business model we operate in 3 ways- EV Charger sales (Home chargers), Commercial Charing & Software subscription CMS services.

More dominant business model is CPO business where we have captive and public charging stations available as solutions.

We are serving charging facility to real estate, housing societies , hotels, mall, public places, EV fleet operators as per their charging needs.

Our major business comes under CPO( Charge Point Operators ) where we own the Charging infra and EV users pay for using our charging services.

We are developing EV charging network same as fuel station chain currently existing from many oil companies. With currently operating 450+ EV Charging points across India we are trying to overcome “CHARGE ANXIETY “ of EV users.

Great Companies: What makes Volttic EV Charging different from hundreds of other similar service providers?

Varun Chaturvedi: First thing that differentiate Volttic that its provide end to end EV Charging solutions which means land infra , power infra and charging infra all together to clients for ease of charging.

The major difference is safe & reliable charging infra with maximum uptime commitment for what we have develop our software platform in that way where all events of charging are available online and in case of any breakdown our team get notified immediately and start giving support.

This platform is completely cloud base where all feature and services are available online 24*7 to users and with our great analytics tools we are making best practices for operation of our assets.

Since EV Charging is asset based business where service offering going to make crucial difference so Volttic is always more focus on reliable and safe operation of our asset so that our EV users never get out of charge at our network.

Our flexible business offering also helping our client to choose best option as per their own plan same capex purchase or opex rent from Volttic.

Our founding team is from pure tech side so they are best on technology selections and then operations reliability of business which in turn helping Volttic to grow faster at different segments.

Great Companies: What were the struggles and challengesa you faced and how did you overcome them?

Varun Chaturvedi: When we started our journey EVs were very new to India so first challenge was to convince our customer on EVs future and real use cases. Second major challenge since Volume of EVs were very low so revenue challenge was always very slow.

So we have challenge on both side with new technology and other side revenue generation for survival.

To overcome this we had develop strategy where we should target those segment where EVs can penetrate immediately and those sector who come under compliance part to add EV charging infra.

With this we able to really convince the customers on EVs and they start deploying charging solution as well. Like housing societies, real estate companies, corporate offices.

Then for revenue generation we target segment where EVs can prove as economical against daily run and for that commercial fleet was best use case and we got very heavy penetration is that segment and right now we are largest commercial EV fleet charging operations across India.

These EV fleets daily run is very high and same time they need frequent charging which means high machine utilisation and in turn more revenue.

So with our very balance approach on asset utilisation and then segmental approach pitching helps us to overcome all these challenges and make more revenue and scale in operations.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does 5 years down the line look like for Volttic EV Charging?

Varun Chaturvedi: With currently operating with 450+ EV charging points we are targeting to reach in next 5 years up to 10000+ EV charging points. Along with this we want to expand globally as well to project Volttic as global brand.

So we expecting that coming 5 years are going to be quite exciting as Evs are going to rule the automobile market so as demand of EV charging infra also going to boost. We want to lead this vertical at India and same time willing to expand globally in next 5 years.

Focus on more product and service improvement we are looking to have one of the safest and reliable EV charging network by Volttic.

We want to set Volttic as global brand with making strategic partnerships and expand its as much as possible but again focus will remain on having market fit product and add real value to need of customers. We may add more EV vertical for operations expansion apart from charging as market demand will give us fair understanding of need. Sustainability always come when you keep exploring new vertical which is in your control and compliment your existing business nature and this will be crucial factor for our expansion plans

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Varun Chaturvedi: Always keep focus on developing solution in house to have self-dependent rather than outsource third party knowledge and services. This give you flexibility to work and command on your product offerings.

Don’t get frustrated with what other doing if you are confident then you can prove yourself and your product. There might be some delay but if you have fire in belly then for sure you can turn the clock.

Make team of those who are like minded rather than hiring employees make team of friends who feel same comfort while working with you like family this will really make your initial journey more comfortable.

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