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Unlock Your Business's Potential with Shannon Communications Group: Your Path to Success

Shannon Hernandez specializes in Branding and Communications within the Advertising & Marketing industry, operating under the business name Shannon Communications Group in San Antonio, USA, established in 2021. Shannon Communications Group has built a formidable reputation as a trusted consultancy, collaborating with a diverse clientele that spans large organizations, non-profits, and small businesses. Their seasoned team, boasting a collective experience of over 50 years, has earned recognition for their pioneering communication initiatives, propelling the growth of some of Texas' most cherished brands.

Distinguished by a comprehensive suite of services, Shannon Communications Group takes pride in offering an array of solutions to meet the unique needs of each organization. Their service portfolio encompasses Branding, Internal Communications, Social Media Content, Videography and Photography services, Health and Wellness initiatives, and Facilitation services. They recognize that every entity is distinct, shaped not only by its products or services but also by the people behind it. Therefore, their approach is highly collaborative, working closely with clients to establish connections, identify challenges, and deliver tailored solutions that yield results.

Shannon Hernandez, the driving force behind Shannon Communications Group, has spent the past decade as a consultant, an endeavour that she believes was fortuitous timing. However, she reflects on the transition from being an "independent consultant" to cultivating a consultancy mindset with a sense of opportunity. This transformation allowed her to overcome the limitations of her personal bandwidth, which had previously necessitated turning down work due to its sheer volume. By adopting a consultancy mindset and enlisting additional talent to manage various facets of projects, Shannon successfully expanded her capacity to take on more work. Simultaneously, she continued to grow the Shan Comms portfolio of business, boosting revenue while upholding high standards of product delivery that she and her team takes pride in.

In her journey, Shannon emphasizes the importance of honesty, considering it a pivotal factor in building trust and credibility. She advocates for transparency, urging individuals and organizations to adhere to commitments and communicate openly when unforeseen challenges arise. This philosophy extends to her relationships with both clients and employees, where honesty is a cornerstone of successful collaboration.



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