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Tumbledry Solutions Pvt Ltd - One of the most promising SMEs Brands to watch for in 2023

Company Name : Tumbledry Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Founders Name : Mr. Naveen Chawla, Mr. Gaurav Nigam, Mr. Gaurav Teotia, Mr. Anuj Gupta, Mr. Tarun Arora

City : Noida Country : India Founded In ( Year) : 2019 Employee Size : > 200 employees Funding : Self-Funding Business Models : Business to Consumer (B2C) Business Category : Laundry And Dry Clean

Company Detail

Tumbledry offers World-class laundry and dry-clean services in India. At more than 350 stores spread across 100+ cities we are serving more than 4 lac happy customers. We are also transforming the Indian laundry industry with our innovative approach towards laundry & dry-clean.

How you innovated or reinvented yourself or your business during the pandemic, the economic ups and downs, or other challenges?

The prime challenge was matching the price of Tumbledry service to cost of doing laundry at home. We knew we cannot make it big by ensuring convenience and quality alone because customers are cost-sensitive. So, we matched our prices to the cost of doing laundry at home. Customers worry about both financial and emotional value of their clothes. A load of just 30 clothes might have a minimum cost of 10,000-15,000 to the customers. When they send their clothes to our stores they trust us with their belongings. And building this element of trust was another major challenge for us.

Top Reasons WHY Customers Choose to Do Business with You

Providing World-Class Service for Customer Satisfaction To ensure premium quality service to customers, our stores are equipped with American & Swedish machinery. We have adopted the latest Lagoon technology from Sweden. Moreover, we use organic chemicals imported from Germany. All of this ensures 100% preservation of fabric shine and texture. We have disregarded the manual processing of clothes and automated the process of cleaning to provide high-quality services consistently. Building Trust Among Customers With Transparency People didn’t know what happens to their clothes once they send them for laundry. They didn’t know what sort of chemicals, water, and methods were used to clean their clothes. So, there was a sense of doubt among customers about hygiene. We brought a significant change by introducing live laundry stores. In our live stores, people can see their clothes being washed with world-class machinery and chemicals. Moreover, we do not mix the clothes of the two customers. We wash each customer’s clothes separately. This helped Tumbledry in gaining the trust of customers. Along with this, it also reduced the delivery time. Generally, clothes are collected and then sent for processing at two different places. With our live stores, we shortened the process as everything is done at the store itself. Following Tech-Savvy Trends for Customer Convenience We have revolutionized the laundry industry to fit in with the lifestyle of the tech-savvy generation. Our customers get mobile apps to place and track orders easily just as they do on Swiggy, Zomato, or Uber. Our pick-up boys also use a separate mobile app using which they can take orders, send an e-invoice to customers instantly, accept digital payments and take digital signatures of customers as well. No pen-paper recording has removed room for loopholes in our service. Both these apps are further integrated into CRM software so that the store can send quick order updates and engage with customers as per their order history. With a 100% tech-integrated set-up, we ensure a smooth order journey for our customers. By providing easy access to premium laundry and dry clean service, we have successfully established ourselves as a trusted brand in just three years of operations.

Future roadmap

Laundry and Dry clean has been a major but less acknowledged problem of half a billion urban Indians. Tumbledry has a goal to remove these woes of people in every city. For this, we aim to launch 2000 live stores in every Indian state covering all Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities by 2026. We will have one Tumbledry store at every 3km radius to have a hyper local presence across nation. There will be a Tumbledry store for every 10 households PAN India so that everyone can have easy access to world-class laundry and dry clean services.

Founder's experience and background

Tumbledry is co-founded by industry veterans Navin Chawla & Gaurav Nigam. They have combined experience of 40+ years in reputed organizations like Airtel, Britannia, Reliance and LAVA. They have worked at senior leadership positions including COO, Product Head, Business Head, and Customer Service Head at these organizations. Mr. Navin Chawla was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in his last job. Whereas Mr. Gaurav Nigam last served as the Product Head. After working in Telecom, Consumer durables and FMCG industry they have now come together as Co-founders of Tumbledry to solve basic but substantial problem of urban Indians – laundry.



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