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Tineke Rensen, Owner at Powerful Business Academy

Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Tineke Rensen: My current business is Powerful Business Academy. I got the idea of becoming a business mentor for businesswomen because I missed help when running my first business. My first business was a travel agency with outdoor and survival activities in various European countries. I started this business when I was 25 years of age and built it year by year. It became very successful, and I sold it after 22 years.

It was often a lonely journey, even when I had a team of people working for me. There was a lot of trial and error, and I had no clue what to do or decide. Yet, I had to do something, and I always had to make decisions. I was often ambivalent about my business. In one way, I loved the challenge of the unknown and making things happen. On the other hand, I was always insecure about whether I made the right choices.

I started studying how women operated when running a business and discovered that my insecurities were the same for many women. Some speak about it, and others hide it. Just like I did.

Because I was the only female business owner in my country's outdoor and survival industry, I learned a lot about running a business from my male competitors.

After I sold my business, I noticed that building a business is a lot different for women.

Many women keep their businesses small. Nowadays, many women start a business, which is fantastic. However, building it to a big business rarely happens. Like I was, the women are insecure. Yet they act like it, and I pretended otherwise, and that strategy worked since I did build a more significant business.

Doing business is still a masculine endeavour, and no wonder because men have paved the roads for us for centuries.

I decided to help women to scale and grow their businesses.

Hold them accountable.

Offer them strategies.

Teach them skills.

Help them to break through their glass ceiling.

Great Companies: What are the various Services provided by Powerful Business Academy

Tineke Rensen: We offer online programs about money mindset and outsourcing, and delegating. I offer mentoring and business coaching. Mainly one-on-one, and where I use my system to help women scale and grow their businesses.

Before COVID-19, we also offered live group training programs in our facility. And we host a business network for female founders who have a business. (not accessible for self-employed women)

Great Companies: What makes Powerful Business Academy different from hundreds of other Business consulting firms?

Tineke Rensen: Haha, good question. It is over 31 years of personal business experience that I have. That is very rare in this industry. My sports athlete mentality is an absolute pro. I always find ways for my clients to make things work. (I competed in 2 national sports teams and became a national champion).

It is my mission to help businesswomen create bigger businesses so more femininity will enter the business arena. Because women always want to do good. It is truly my passion to see women flourish with their companies. So it is more significant than me, bigger than my own company and much more important than just making a living.

I also don’t call myself a consultant. With the experience I have, I can say that I am a mentor. I am not writing long reports with advice and waste my clients time and money. Instead, I make notes during the meetings, and my clients will get a copy of these raw notes. I have nothing to hide. I am very hands-on and support my clients along the way, constantly.

I researched how women do business. The report of this research can be found here:

I am a true expert in helping women to scale and grow their businesses.

I work with my own designed system specially made for businesswomen who want to scale and grow their businesses. It is about nine areas that need constant attention when scaling and growing a business.

Besides the fact that I am efficient, down to earth and strategical, I am also spiritual and intuitive. Knowledge and strategy combined with energy is a powerful force. I only want to work with clients who acknowledge that.

I wrote a book Maximum Business Growth for Women.

In a nutshell:

• An enormous amount of experience

• Passion and knowledge to help female entrepreneurs scale and grow.

• Sports mentality

• Intuitive.

• My money-back guarantee that my clients double their business in a year.

• There is no other Tineke Rensen in the world. (you can google the name)

• Very all around. I can help you with everything you face in your business. If not, my team or my network can.

Great Companies: What are the struggles and challenges you face?

Tineke Rensen: My primary lead generation was through public speaking at events and networking groups. That completely vanished during COVID. We had to transition the business from an on- and offline company to doing everything entirely online. I traveled a lot before COVID, and not anymore now. It has been a struggle to find new lead generation strategies, and we now have that in place, and the business is growing again.

Online is a jungle, and there is too much to choose from. And a lot of empty promises, which are just sales and marketing tactics to lure you into their scheme. I have wasted a lot of money on the wrong people, programs and advice to transition the lead generation.

Another struggle is managing my team of 4 people who work remotely and are from different countries. Although we have online team meetings and various tools to monitor their work, it is still a challenge. Misunderstandings due to written communications happen very quickly.

Another struggle I am facing is that many crap people are in this industry with minimal experience and integrity. Yet they have excellent marketing and sales skills. They ruin the industry. Prospects often have had bad experiences, and they are suspicious, have wasted a lot of money with no results.

It is not about billing as many hours as you can. Sell as many packages as you can. NO!! It is about serving as best as you can and help your clients with fast results, so they don’t need you anymore.

Great Companies: How do you plan to grow in the future? What does five years down the line look like for Powerful Business Academy?

Tineke Rensen: I am 56 now, so I want to train people who can begin to do what I do. Work with “The Women’s Blueprint To Business Success”. In 5 years, there will be four other business mentors. I love what I do, so I can hardly call this working. I hope I stay healthy enough to continue working until I am 70-75

Great Companies: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Tineke Rensen: Find a good business mentor and invest in it. It will save you tons of time, money and frustration. An investment in yourself will last forever.

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1 Comment

Tineke Rensen
Tineke Rensen
Sep 28, 2021

Thank you so much for publishing this interview with me. It was an honor to have the interview.

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