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The Unique Culture

Business Name:The Unique Culture

Founder’s Name: Shuvam Panda

Location:Bhubaneswar, India

Establishment (Year): 2013

Category and Sub-Category: IT and Software

Company Detail:

Since 2013, The-UniQue-Culture act as the trusted partner for companies not only in India, from all over the globe. They focus on delivering high quality IT products in every sector. With the experience of 700+ satisfied clients we combine our passion for perfection with expert technology ideas to achieve maximum client satisfaction, so that they can serve you the best Cloud Engineering, Hospitality Management, AR & VR, Brand Building, Training & Consulting, Website Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, Warehouse Management, Ecommerce, Software Testing, School Management System, ERP, HRMS, CRM, College Management System, logo design, Graphic Design, SEO, Responsive Design, Video and TV clip, Flyer and Brochure and so on.

In this ever-changing environment, keeping a competitive edge means being able to anticipate and respond quickly to changing business conditions. Combining proven expertise in technology, and an understanding of emerging business trends, The-Unique-Culture delivers a range of software development solutions that includes e-business solutions, computer telephony, enterprise applications, professional web site design and development, product engineering, Electronic Health Records, CMS Softwares, Payment Gateway solutions, Time and attendance tracking software, HRMS softwares, Appointment Reminder Solutions, Hospital management applications etc. They study, design, develop, enhance, customize, implement, maintain and support various aspects of information technology.

We are Experts in:

Mobile Apps:

I phone/ipad, Android, windows, Cross-platform development

Software Development:

PHP, Java, .NET, Python, React, Angular, Wodpress, Magento etc.

Big Data Technologies:

Enabling businesses to make data-driven decision.

AI and Machine learning

Engineer custom-make solution to help your business grow.

UX/UI Design Studio

Flyer, TV Clips, Wireframes, Visual design and prototyping graphics

Technology Consulting

Hiring and deploying the right talents for your projects.

We believe in questioning the status quo. We believe in pushing Limits. We believe in changing the worlds through technology and design. Our Expert team always tries to do the best than last time. They execute all the work status in a proper strategy. New strategies and technology relevant to just about every career are being introduced constantly. That is why every time we start a new project we start with new idea & concept with brand new strategy. The concept of sustainable development has received growing recognition, but it is a new idea for many business executives. We focus only in customer satisfaction, that is why our custom 360 ^ assessment, precisely matches your brand, process and the culture.

Unique Selling Proposition / Competitive Advantage:

They are a customer centric company. We craft software as per the client's requirements exactly.

Systematic lifecycle process based on agile frameworks ensures zero functional gaps, reliable timely delivery and maximized ROI

1. Client/Server Applications

2. Distributed Applications

3. Middle tier & N tier application

4. Multi tier cloud applications

5. Web enabling legacy systems

6. Re-engineering & Migration

7. Intranet/Extranet Development

8. Application Maintenance


  • Emerging IT company 2021

  • Brand of Odisha 2022

  • Just Dial 5 start certified

  • National Icon Award 2022

  • Ace of Initiative Award

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