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The Digilearning Foundation

Business Name: The Digilearning Foundation

Name: Lisa Goodchild & Sarah Wilson

Location: London, UK

Establishment (Year): 2019

Category / Industry: Education and E-Learning

Sub Category / Sub Industry: Skill Development

Number of employees: 1-10 employees

Company Detail: The Digilearning Foundation was created to inspireand encourage young people and their guardians to develop their talents and thrive in the digital space. It’s about developing some of the most diverse and forward-thinking digital creative thinkers. The

foundation does this in several ways, delivering digital days and events, workshops, and working in schools, colleges, universities, and online. They empower people of all ages with digital skills, throughout the world, to achieve their dreams and goals. They help people find their digital superpower and industry find their superheroes.

The solutions to Customer problems:


For underserved and marginalized groups, in particular, technology can be a great equalizer. Digital can help bridge the economic divide, and diversify and connect people and communities to greater opportunities. they understand the importance of digital skills and how they can enrich generations with skills relevant to today’s world.


 Increase the skillset and the number of people gaining the necessary digital skills and competence to enter the job market .

Create digital talent pipelines for young people in underserved and marginalized communities into rewarding tech careers.

Build a diverse roundtable of inspiring digital leaders who support each other on their career journeys.

Work with key partners and supporters to collaborate and close

the digital skills gap globally.

Unique Value Proposition:

There is a key focus on digital literacy for all ages; they have developed training initiatives to focus on these government goals.

Digilearning’s AWARD WINNING programs “GirlRise (girls) & DigiRise (mixed)” provide in-demand digital skills to young people, aged 16-24, from underserved and marginalized communities. They are the only organization offering this type of program. Crafted with

industry-in-demand skills ensuring Gen-Zers thrive and grow in their chosen careers. They take them on a personal development journey, matching them with a mentor and providing them with career pathways. The aim is to get young people to acquire jobs or build

businesses they love, securing the finest creative talent.

Target Market:

Digilearning wants to ensure a diverse range of people is upskilled with the right digital skills. It's fundamental that all people no matter what age or where they live gain skills for the ever-evolving digital world.

As a charity, they have different programs that focus on different consumer groups.

Their primary focus is young people aged 16-30, Gen-Z is born creative entrepreneurs, gaming lovers, and digital natives. They are targeting young people with a keen focus on marginalized and underserved communities.



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