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Surendra Varma of Oases Technovations LLP (Emgage HRMS)

Great Companies: Can you please tell a little about Oases Technovations? Surendra Varma : Oases Technovations LLP is a technology venture started by Brios Consulting team, we are a group of passionate HR professionals who have worked in the industry for many years with cumulative exp. Of more than 100 years in Human resource as a team. Brios consulting is into HR outsourcing and Consulting services for Start-ups and SME’s, most of the SME’s and Start-ups have common challenges of managing their Human resource effectively and setting up right culture and environment which helps them to put the right foundation for growing their business to the next level. In Start-ups and SME’s mostly management team owns responsibility to drive the entire HR department irrespective of whether they have internal HR team or not which takes up lot of their time in managing operations and day to day challenges. This does not allow them to focus on their core business. Brios consulting team with the help of IT professionals have developed an HRMS tool which is known as Emgage HRMS, the product is developed to simplify human resource management for Start-ups and SME’s. Oases Technovations is an HR technology product company. Great Companies: What are the services Oases Technovations provide to its customers? Surendra Varma: Oases Technovations is primarily into HR Technology space we have various products like, Payroll, Performance Management System and a complete HRMS product which caters to complete employee life cycle management from onboarding to separation. We also work with end customers through our channel partner to help them setting up HR policy, Standard Operating Process, designing KRA/KPI’s and help them to manage their complete HR department.  Our HRMS product is intelligent enough to manage the complete HR department of our customers, to use this product person does not need to be an HR experts someone with basic computer skill should be able to operate the software and run the HR department in start-up and SME’s very efficiently. Great Companies: What is your strategy to attract large number of customers? Surendra Varma: We are looking to work with service providers like HR consulting, HR Outsourcing, Payroll Outsourcing, Recruitment consulting firm who are already providing services to multiple corporate clients. It is difficult to scale up services business without having a technology tool in place, our product can provide their businesses a push which they need to scale up their services business faster and penetrate their business in their customers account by offering lot of value added services. Unlike other HRMS product which is build to automate HR processes, our product is build from service delivery perspective. We were into HR outsourcing services business and we have developed this tool from services delivery perspective to scale up our business and to add value to our customers business, we know the pain points of service providers and this tool can definitely add lot of value to service providers business. We are working with Attendance and Bio-metric OEM companies and their channel partners to offer bundled solutions to end customers so we together can offer value to our customers by providing them end to end software. Our product has a capability to get it integrated with third party software and we have already integrated our product with many third party tools available in the market.

Great Companies: What is the main objective of Oases Technovations? Surendra Varma: Our objective is to provide simplified Human Resource Management services to Start-ups and SME’s at an affordable cost. By simplifying Human resource management we want to free up Management team of start-ups and SME’s so they can focus on their core business and grow their business rapidly then worrying about people management challenges. By using HR analytics data management can take better and informed decisions at the right time.     Great Companies: What is the main reason behind the success of Oases Technovations? Surendra Varma: The reason for our success is our team of HR professionals and technology enthusiast who are passionate about creating a great product which is build for a purpose to simplify the Human resource management processes for Start-ups and SME’s.



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